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Limited edition of 50 units 

Édition limitée à 50 exemplaires numérotés
7250 € TTC au lieu de 8750 € TTC

Welcome to the adventure !

They tried it

Antoine, IDF

“It accelerates easily, it puts on the gas and it's responsive. You want to set foot and slide. It's super exhilarating as it's easy to drive.The engine brake is not bad, when you turn it off, it's progressive and it reminds you of the engine brake in thermals. It's not bad, it makes you want to go do more laps. »

Loïc, AURA

" It is fun ! I like the couple who arrives quickly and who blows you up in the face.
That's really nice.
It's light, it's super nice and 
then it goes strong. »

Charline, Grand Est

“There is good engine braking, I like that.
It feels good, because there are which tend to go freely. It's a different ride from other electric motorcycles, but it's really good, it's nice. And then it pushes a lot, you feel that there is power! »
Consian spécifications globales

The vehicle specifications listed above are for guidance only. Final specifications may vary depending on model, country and delivery date.


Consian plan large arrière
Consian Trail version


Made in France

Engineering and manufacturing in France in the Lyon area. We use recycled and quality materials in order to offer a sustainable product with a controlled impact. Our French batteries come from reconditioning channels, thus saving precious resources, while maintaining excellent performance.



Designed according to the "Light is right" principle, Aurora is exceptionally agile thanks to its 85 kg weight. Its powerful and torquey engine, which can reach 14 kW, gives it a frank and generous acceleration with 200 Nm of torque at the wheel.



No more obsolescence, designed to evolve with each update, Aurora offers complete backward compatibility so that each innovation and improvement is accessible to all. We guarantee a 2-wheeler that is constantly reinvented, thanks to a regularly enriched catalog of parts and accessories.


For the launch, Aurora is available in

2 street legal customizable configurations!





The Urban is built for the city with its full cover rims and Continental ContiGo tires.

Urban exploration is yours!

The Trail takes you on an adventure with its raised mudguards, headlight grille, spoked rims and mixed Continental KKS tires.

Define your style

We take care of making your unique 2-wheeler in our French workshop!

Consian accessoires personnalisation

Choose your saddle and handle color, add a trunk, an additional battery or even a rear rack if necessary.

  • What are the terms and conditions for trying to win one of the 50 units?
    Any reservation of €100, followed by the signature of a final order form accompanied by a first deposit of 30% of the purchase price, will make you eligible to win your bike. Once the 50 AURORA limited edition "Founder" have been ordered, we will proceed to a draw among the 50 "Founders". If at the end of this draw you win your motorcycle, then we will fully refund your 30% deposit and you will have nothing more to pay until the delivery of your AURORA.
  • What driving license is needed to drive the Aurora?
    Aurora is a 125cc equivalent motorcycle, so it is accessible with: - A1 license (from 16 years old) / A2 / A - The B permit without training if you obtained it before 1980 / with 7 hours of training if you obtained it after 1980
  • In which countries is Aurora available?
    Aurora will initially be approved and available in mainland France and the European Union.
  • Is delivery included in the price?
    Delivery in mainland France is included in the price and at an additional cost outside mainland France.
  • How do I maintain my Aurora?
    Nothing could be simpler, maintenance on an electric motorcycle is reduced to only consumables (tires, belt, brakes). You will be able to maintain and update your Aurora within our network of partners in France. We are also working on a mobile maintenance service for 2024.
  • What are the differences between the Trail and Urban configurations?
    Both configurations are road legal. The Urban will be more comfortable and quiet in town while the Trail will allow you to cut through the paths more easily. But it's above all a question of style! Urban: solid rims and Continental ContiGo tyres Trail: Continental KKS spoke wheels and mixed tyres, raised mudguards and headlight grille
  • What is included in the 6500 euros and what options are available?
    Standard, you will benefit from the elements below: - Choice of configuration: Urban or Trail - Choice of colors (handles and saddle): 6 colors available - Standard loader - A main battery under the saddle Optional: - Additional main battery - Quick loader (replaces the standard loader) - Central box + additional battery - Central safe Other accessories and customizations compatible with your Aurora will later enrich the catalog.
  • Could I benefit from the ecological bonus for the purchase of an Aurora?
    Yes, Aurora will be eligible for the environmental bonus in effect at the time of delivery of your motorcycle. For more information, please visit the site below:
  • Is my reservation cancellable and refundable?
    Your reservation can be canceled and refunded at any time without conditions and free of charge until the order form has been signed.
  • How will payment for my Aurora be made?
    The €100 reservation is deductible from the purchase price of your Aurora. The remaining amount will be requested in 3 installments at different stages of production: - A first payment of 30%* will be requested upon signing your purchase order - A second of 30%* when starting the production of your motorcycle - The remaining 40%* will be requested upon delivery * of the total price of your order
  • What is the delivery time ?
    Our production depends on many steps prior to the delivery of your motorcycles. After validation of the first 50 Aurora orders, we estimate a 10-month delivery time for the first bikes, i.e. from the last quarter of 2023 at the earliest.
  • When will it be possible to choose my configuration and options?
    Once the first 50 units are reserved, purchase orders will be issued. This is when you will have the opportunity to choose the desired configuration and options.
  • What is my reservation for?
    Your reservation of €100 guarantees you a place to order one of the first 50 units at the exceptional price of €6,500! Once the 50 Auroras are reserved, your purchase orders will be issued and production will begin.
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